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As the Veil lifts and the spell is broken, it is time for mankind to awaken to the evolution all around us and to embrace and put forth, our true human potential.


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The INTENSE Q&A I was confronted with

1.Just tell me in your own words, what you believe as to mankind: Where we came from? Answer:  I am not adhering my beliefs to any one belief system. I embrace a a  myriad of theories. The more I learn the less I know. I am not ashamed  or embarrassed to admit this. 1.A.  We…

Evolving with new information, & adjusting my sails.

The last few days have been very painful for me, I’ve cried, prayed and even begged God for a sign and I got it, finally. I have not been sharing scriptures or any biblical things on social media for a few months and there is a very good reason why. I have also finally been…

Christians, please get off your knees!?

Religions are a trap, designed for control, compliance, domination and death! It’s a trap! Entire nations have been taken out for their blind following of many of these religions, and we must come together and untie to end this insanely awful game on mankind. Just look around and you can tell the leaders of nations…

HeLLO Friends, Patrons, and Supporters. It’s been a while since my last update, so I want to sincerely Thank You for continuing your Patronage in my absence from this site. 

So, What Happened!?
I have had accounts removed, computers hacked, even disabled, (I am on my third, just in the past year), passwords lost, locked out, I’ve been shadow banned and more. It’s been a real ride. I honestly didn’t want to have to give this report, but it is what it is. I have to be honest.

The good news is that I am getting back on track, recovering my work and starting on new projects. I have just opened up a WordPress, and will be sharing content from there as well, here very soon. I have several reports I have been working on and will be updating in all capacities again, now that I have recovered my accounts. Thank You again for your continued Patronage, and much more to come very soon.

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