Is it Over?

Is it over? Can we breathe? Are we allowed to be human again and do the things we need to do to survive and thrive? I wish this were the case but too many of our underground reporters and alternative journalists have pointed out the facts about the “pressure release,” as well as much of the population “settling” for new standards that never should have been implemented in the first place. As much as we all want this to end, we must remember that these billionaires are intently invested in our demise. We know the truth now, we know they lied to get us all injected, do we honestly think they are going to stop now, just like that? No.
And there is no sense in comparing them to what has happened in the past. That only gets us banned and cancelled. They know who they are, what they have done, it’s simply time for us to STOP THEM.
But, How?
I have a few ideas, and I am sure many others do too, but we all need to come together and agree on ENDING IT.
They already have all of the money, so why can’t they just leave us the hell alone? They need to get new hobbies, I have ben saying this for years. Live and let live, leave mankind the hell alone already!

Due to all the ups and downs and back and forth bullshit from these tyrants, many in the truth community have developed an odd type of PTSD where we don’t trust a damn thing! Even those we at one time felt we could trust. I have experienced this over the past few years and it’s truly heartbreaking. Our lives are all hanging in the balance as these insane psychopaths we call leaders decide our fate through their investments. This is downright disgusting. They use religion as a cover, like we can’t see how truly evil it is the way they have twisted it up. They are lying liars that have been caught in a tailspin of lies, will they repent? Come clean? No, that would be too easy and they would just do it again to us in a few years.
It’s time for we, the people, to end this entire corrupt system built on lies. We have to make this place make sense. Right now we are basically living in a poison filled world, they pump it out at us in every way shape and form possible. They have no regard for human life or the planet, so why are they in charge, who the hell appointed them? It feels like aliens are running this show and they are simply mining our planet of all of it’s prescious resources and using us as cannon fodder to do it. People have called me crazy for this theory of mine, but look around! Humans would not be doing this to other humans, this is a devastating realization, but one I have been simmering on for years.

We could be running this place so much more efficiently and bountiful for all. Organic and non GMO food should be the norm, the fact that it is not is rather alarming and honestly should be waking every one of us up RIGHT NOW! This is an emergency and has been for a while. I have felt so alone in my awakening over the years and have tried various ways to get involved, wake people up and get them motivated for change, but they have been too complacent, too busy, or they don’t have the time. Even the awakened ones. Now, after years of this and going into debt because of it, I have found myself silenced and alone, it’s very depressing and a daily struggle just to keep going. I lost so many frieds over this, they were’nt really friends, but the people that were in my life. I have a handful left and cherish them greatly, thank you for not giving up on me like the majority has, even my own past colleagues in the movement because I was open to all, not just left or right BS. We need ALL of us for this, not these warring parties that have been set up by these scoundrels. I have been deleted, blocked, shadowbanned, canceled, you name it, my computer was even hacked, several times in fact!

It’s time for a new age, an age of reason and TRUTH. Killing off all the witnesses to this horrific event in history is not the answer, like they have done so many times before, they need to be stopped. I don’t even need to mention who they” are, everyone should know by now and if you don’t you are living under a rock. Wake up and let’s get moving, we have some big work ahead of us and we have only just begun, it has got to get done, come hell or high water, or both. Good luck out there everyone, and don’t let this get you down, keep rising up and doing your best. Together, I have no doubt, that we can win this thing.

Published by Rose Moon

Writer, Truth Advocate, Mentor, Coach, Keyboard Warrior

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