Buildings blew up, buildings came down
Lucky Larry, Bush and Bibi were no where around
Silverstein was well insured,
But no one questioned why
Giuliani was the mayor,
You bet he got some pie

Trump came out and declared that day,
“Explosives must have been used!”
But he quickly retracted his statement
Was the Don confused?

Dancing on a nearby rooftop
3 Art students came and went
What was their purpose?
What did they know?
They came to document the event

False flag operations
Set the stage to create more war
Line up you investors, once again, you disgusting whores
Now it’s 19 years later, and they’ve done it all again
This time with a virus,
Will the people ever win?

19 hijackers, 19 LIES, 19 dirty alibis
19 years later, and the plan is all laid out,
For a New World Order, that’s what this bullshit’s all about.

Published by Rose Moon

Writer, Truth Advocate, Mentor, Coach, Keyboard Warrior

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