Virtual Portfolio

Hello friends! 📚📖 I’ve put together a virtual portfolio of some of my very best work. I hope this is helpful, insightful, and most of all inspiring and motivating.

911 Truth Advocacy Starter pack…/911-truth…/

Anti-Semitism Defense Package…/anti-semitism…/

5 Positive Motivators to keep you going in tough times…/5-positive…/

Rules for Radicals Defeated…/rules-for…/

Maintaining our Sanity and remaining Positive during the unraveling of this Matrix…/maintaining-our…/

The Protocols of WHO?…/the-protocols-of…/

Some of my best Poetry:

In this time of Living, Death of the Old…/15990521-In-This-Time-Of-Living…

The Dawning of Truth…/15945308-The-Dawning-Of-Truth…



How to break a society…/16471122-How-to-break-a-society…

Clean the slate…/15920167-Clean-The-Slate-by…


All Poetry:




FB – Rose Moon:

FB – Xiola Moon:

The American Freedom Support Page:

50 Private State groups FB (American Freedom Support pages)…/a.65661141…/1794539074031679/

Detox From The Matrix Gold

Palestine, The Eye of Truth

911 War Room:

Love, Gratitude and Blessings



Thank you for taking a look, I am grateful for your feedback, if you have any for me. And I would also like to know, what you would like to see, coming from me, going forward.

If you would like to support my work, and receive exclusive, member only content, which includes weekly newsletter of current events, truth advocacy, strategy and solutions, outreach templates, quarterly reports and more, consider becoming a Patron, to help continue my work.

Thank You for your support.

~ Xiola Rose Moon

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