You can quote me on that

You can quote me on that.

“It’s time to END the two party $#it show, voting WILL NOT get us out of this circus until we stop voting for the clowns.”

‘With a “Rise and kill first” mentality we will never know peace’

“End Zionism and Free Mankind!”

“Anyone deeming themselves chosen over another has been greatly deceived”

“Using fear as a form of forced compliance is the meaning of true terrorism”

“How am I an anti-Semite when:

1. The very ones I am exposing are outright KILLING Semites?
2. Many of my closest friends and allies are Semites?
3. The Semites actually support my work?”

“Zionists are killing Semites!”

“Zionism IS Terrorism!”

“Expose Dispensationalism, End The Protocols of Zion”

“The Protocols of Zion is kind of like bowling: 1. Set them all up, 2. Knock them all down, and 3. Come in with the great reset, AKA (Trump card). They tell you what they do, this is not their first rodeo.”

“It’s not happening, you say? Well Look around, and you tell me what the hell is happening here then”

“Most of our politicians are compromised to the Zionist apartheid regime, show me one politician that is not, just one will talk about it!”

“Cynthia McKinney refused to sign the Israeli agreement and she still fights for truth to this day, she is a truth teller and one of my all-time heroes”

“Stop looking to Trump! Trump is in on it, he helped set this all up! They can’t do it without him, remember the Protocols of Zion? They are playing this out like a script on the world stage right now.”

“The Protocols of Zion is kind of like bowling, 1. set them all up, 2. knock them all down, and 3. come in with the great reset, AKA (Trump card). They tell you what they do, this is not their first rodeo.

“The parasitical elite are mining planet earth of its natural resources, and using us to do it. Once they have no more use for us, they exterminate us. They’ve done this before! Wash, rinse, repeat”

“Earth is the last planet in our solar system with life left on it, this should be a wake up call for ALL OF US.”

“We have been invaded by a parasitical armada of epic proportions, and they use “God” as an excuse to do it. Both sides are in on it. Look around, our earth home has been brutally raped, humans would not do this, especially to our home.”

“I’d rather be far out than roped in”

“I am definitely not a baller, but I refuse to discuss the subject in honor of steering clear from being labeled.”

“I reject and refuse ALL labels, as they only further divide us.”

“Globalists are terrorizing humanity with artificial scarcity of food, energy, fertilizer and more. Rise above it.”

“Governments create crisis’ for an excuse to make war and strip citizens rights. Rights that “shall not be infringed,” yet they do it any way because they are PIRATES operating under maritime law. What do pirates do? They lie, cheat and steal, and then they do it again and again. The alphabet soup agencies are all in on it also, they are corrupt to the core. They do the opposite of what they say they are doing and they boldly lie right to our faces.”

‘ “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” ~ Hillary Clinton and Rahm Emanuel both said that, among others. They use the “Rules for radicals” playbook by Saul Alinsky, both studied under him, as well as Obama. Blame your opponent for what you are indeed doing. Layers and layers of lies, and anyone exposing them is called nuts, a CT or even a domestic terrorist when THEY are the true terrorists.’

“It’s time to dismantle this severely broken lunatic system and free the people from it, we have been usurped, suppressed, oppressed and used as cannon fodder for their forever wars long enough.”

“It’s time to evolve. It’s time to demand a safe and prosperous, POISON FREE and organic environment for ALL, free from greedy politicians and their lies. That’s all we want, it’s not unreasonable, in fact, it’s necessary. We, the people., are not going to stand for this insanity any more. They have had a good run, but it’s OVER. Call your reps today, insist they comply or FIRE THEM. We can do that, but it’s going to take more than a handful of us.”

“We can only go up from here, so let’s bring our very best! Nothing changes until we do. Stay light, encourage others, and share the love.”

“With an ‘Each one, teach one’ approach, we could help mankind evolve, become a mentor for someone today!”

“It’s time to shine your light Warriors!✨ Giving up is Not an option. Take your rest when you need it, restrategize if you need to and get back out there and bring your best! We all have our own unique way of doing things, perhaps your way will inspire others to find theirs, so share, bring all your awesome and amazing skills forward and let’s get through this. Remember, Love is the only way, and the truth is winning, have no doubt about that. We may be weary but we are still standing, so don’t back down. Sending out Love and prayers to all of you amazing beings, I am so thankful to be in this battle with you.”

“Time to end the complaining and get busy, we can all do something no matter how big or small, just DO something.”

“Steer clear of the labels if you wish to keep your head. If we all became untouchable and ungovernable they would have no fodder for their BS, let’s end this charade on mankind and SHUT THEM DOWN.”

There are many many more and I will continue to add to this list periodically when I think of it. Thank you for your continued support of my work, and thank you for being a part of the Great Awakening. Sending out Love and prayers to you all.

Published by Rose Moon

Writer, Truth Advocate, Mentor, Coach, Keyboard Warrior

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