Christians, please get off your knees!?

Religions are a trap, designed for control, compliance, domination and death! It’s a trap! Entire nations have been taken out for their blind following of many of these religions, and we must come together and untie to end this insanely awful game on mankind. Just look around and you can tell the leaders of nations never let a good crisis go to waste, compliant Christians are the perfect crisis just begging them for genocide, if you know how their minds work and many of us do now, sadly, they are psychopaths. I wish it wasn’t this way, but it is. I have been contemplating on whether or not I should even use the bible to expose them because there certainly is a huge angle to do this in that regard, but it is also a double edged sword by confirming that much of this book is true, which it is not, much of it is what is called myth history and repeated down through the ages, even going so far as to reach into old Greek mythology. We need to shake the spells from our eyes and just get back to the basics, which are live and let live!

Americans have been used as cannon fodder in religious wars for far too long, it’s time to end this barbarity and confront the ones pulling off this scam and charade. They are quite literally acting out the bible like a book of scripts, picking ad choosing which books serve them best for which time periods, swapping them out and highlighting them as needed. This is a tragic cycle that we must end if we are to evolve to a fair and just world, which is what we want, free of their poison and BS. Only WE can do this, and we must. Is anyone working to over throw these psychopaths? No. WHY NOT!? Why is everyone so damn compliant? It’s maddening. We don’t need violence to get this done, we just need basic logic and empathy, and those of us that are human, have that. If our planet has been invaded by nefarious beings, that too, needs to be confronted, exposed and extinguished.

I will get into some hardcore scripture on the subject if you want me too, even in the removed books, I have them all, if you want me to but it is a lot of work and oftentimes is a contradiction of itself. It is also a double edged sword, as I do NOT want to lead anyone on or down this path that has cost me years of precious time. I have shared my feelings on this many times, about the “tide” or the “pendulum swinging,” back and forth, in and out, dark to light. It’s purely evil and sadly folks keep running back to the book to find answers, myself included, as I did this for many years. Years wasted on study when I should have been focusing on overthrowing this madness as they continue to tighten the chains.

My heart has been breaking for mankind for many years, this has been a very painful awakening. And as much as I thought I loved the truth movement, having been infiltrated by agents and provocateurs, this too has been very painful. It’s almost overwhelming at times and the deep depression that sets in from this does not help. If anyone out there is reading this and has any good news, I sure would appreciate it as I am losing hope at times and looking at alternative jobs just to keep myself from being homeless again. None of this has been easy, it’s been an uphill battle all the way, but one I feel very passionately about. I pray we can come together and work this out for mankind, and when I say pray, yes, I do pray, but I am not tied to any one religion as i have my own personal beef with them all. Nearly all of them have been weaponized against mankind which is truly the greatest tragedy of our time. It’s time to wake up, rise up and take our lives back, we must not back down. We are the only creatures on this planet that pay to live here and we are supposed to be the most far evolved, sounds like a prison planet trap to me. It’s time to break the chains of this slavery and end it.

Published by Rose Moon

Writer, Truth Advocate, Mentor, Coach, Keyboard Warrior

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