Evolving with new information, & adjusting my sails.

The last few days have been very painful for me, I’ve cried, prayed and even begged God for a sign and I got it, finally. I have not been sharing scriptures or any biblical things on social media for a few months and there is a very good reason why. I have also finally been pushed to explain WHY.

So earlier I just laid it all out there, and although I am hidden and shadow banned into oblivion, I felt the need to share it any way, even addressing my haters and those who oppose and report me for using basic logic when approaching the very serious subjects we are currently facing today.

Here is the comment that I shared earlier:

“To be clear, I DO believe in God / Source I also believe my relationship with God is MINE, and not to be exploited, trumpeted to the world, or used to cast judgement on or against me. This is also why I devoutly REFUSE all labels, I will NOT be labeled and take great offense when people try to do this, it’s annoying as hell. Labels divide. Labels get people killed. Labels are just that, labels, we are not soup cans we are humans. I DO believe in God, BUT, I do NOT believe in Jewish fairy tales and half truths designed to manipulate mankind into their own enslavement, there is a big difference here! And also one that we need to use our deepest and greatest discernment with. The chosen-ites are dangerous and they need some serious help, not sure what the cure could be, but certainly not anything to harm them, that is not my goal, even though that is generally their intended goal for us, sadly. Re-education sounds like the best attempt at helping them, they have been brainwashed to believe they are our owners and it is truly sick.
I lost many years seeking answers in the bible and sadly I did not find those answers until I actually closed the book, and my communications with Source opened up almost immediately. Many of my prayers were answered and my life opened up in a myriad of ways. God truly is great, but you won’t find him in the book, you will just grow old and grey working to memorize all of its passages and who does that serve? YOU, your ego, etc. What have you got to prove? To be bold and to truly bare your soul you would not use the bible, or religion as a crutch, and in my eyes, THAT my friends is a true warrior. I am only doing what I have been called here to do and following the orders of my heart. I really hope this makes sense. And for the ones reporting my posts, putting me on lists and shadow banning me, Bless you, I hope you are learning something.”

Now, I know, it’s been a long time, like 2 months since I have updated here and there is a very good explanation for that as well. I was seeking answers, I was praying as much as I don’t often admit that because it’s really nobodies business but mine and Gods, or Source, but like I said above, I was pushed. I was confronted as to why. I have been struggling on just how I was going to go about deciphering all of this through the last few months of INTENSE lessons in my discernment. None of this is easy and I must evolve organically so that I might better serve mankind. I feel a new chapter coming into my life and as much as I didn’t see this angle coming, and it has caught me off guard, I am trying my best to consider this and be open to it. This is my place in the world and I want to accept it, it was chosen for me as humbling and wonderful as it is. I am a teacher, not a savior, I am a warrior that has seen many battlefields to get here, and most of all, I AM THANKFUL.

I have creative gifts to share with the world and that is what I was called here to do, at first I denied it, even poo pooed it, thought I had bigger plans, God said NO. Do what you know how to do and share it with the world, so that is what I am doing and I Love it. Thank you for pushing me, thank you for not giving up, and most of all thank you for your patience and support, this has been a very long and very rough road. I love you and I will continue the work as best I can as I am juggling several tasks as well as real jobs now and have been so blessed to be able to do so. Thank YOU! ❤

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Writer, Truth Advocate, Mentor, Coach, Keyboard Warrior

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