The INTENSE Q&A I was confronted with

1.Just tell me in your own words, what you believe as to mankind:

Where we came from?

Answer:  I am not adhering my beliefs to any one belief system. I embrace a a  myriad of theories. The more I learn the less I know. I am not ashamed  or embarrassed to admit this.

1.A.  We could all be in one big petri dish with a timer set as someones  grand experiment.  Kind of like the Truman show. And they may even have  multiple petri dishes going on, hundreds even, with all different types  of life flourishing. I’d like to come back in the fairy realm myself and  feel I have lived a life there before as I have very old memories of a  lush and lovely life that run deep into the forest. Could that be an old  program still running in the background? From a previous life  experience? Perhaps.

1.B.  We could be living in a matrix style simulation, or a hologram perhaps.  We could be living in a computer program, the possibilities are  endless. I have seen some things in my life that could prove this theory  true, along with the above. I have experienced a loop, the same thing  happening over and over at the same place. I discovered a program and  walked right into it, it’s one of the reasons I don’t engage with public  much, there are multiple programs running and many nefarious ones have  been introduced. Sound crazy? perhaps. Is it possible? Absolutely.

1.C.  We could quite possibly be the aliens themselves that have mated with  the beings here on earth and have evolved to the state we are at today.  There seems to have been a little tampering going on with some of the  DNA through genetic engineering and they are trying out different  species from other realms, personalities, etc. to see how they get  along, mate, evolve. etc.


2. Tell me if the world is getting more, or less evil, in your opinion?

Evil  is being revealed, people are waking up, but the fear in the collective  consciousness is overwhelming and very heavy right now. The pain and  suffering on the planet along with the feelings of hopelessness are  draining and very heavy. Uncertainty is a slippery slope and many are  feeling this right now, especially with nuclear war looming overhead. On  the flip side, the warrior within many are coming alive and recognizing  why they came here, and they are waking up many of the others, not  through religion, but by actions. Taking responsibility, stepping up,  confronting those who are running things at the higher levels, and  finally holding them accountable.


You mention heaven in many of your posts.

3. What is your idea of heaven?

In  one word – UBUNTU – This means there is an abundance of life here on  earth, and there is more than enough for everybody. Fruit trees should  be lining the streets, compost bins strategically placed under those to  cycle the soil, and wooden tables for prepping, made from old tree  stumps. Food forests should also be established within 3 blocks, in any  direction you go, fresh organic vegetables growing abundantly  everywhere, no poison, no preservatives, just REAL FOOD. No scarcity, no  need for theft as every man and woman will have what they need. One  thing I really liked about the Burning man community is that they would  have big creation stations, or art parties, where you could build and  create the tools you need to either modify your outfit, or modify your  bicycle in some way. If we could have a Burning man style vibe in the  cities, minus the nudity, we could have beautiful thriving cities made  of amazing art installations that serve multiple purposes.

School  would consist of home building, garden growing, cooking, mending and  other much needed lessons in living in a sustainable environment. Of  course we would have reading, writing and arithmetic, but more of a  focus on what is actually need to live life here on earth. Arts and  crafts, dancing and music, basically choose your own adventure, whatever  calls you, as those last few would be your choice, and as long or as  short as you like. School would be held in one big huge magical forest,  if possible. It is the creative and natural mind we wish to embrace and  allow to flourish.


4. Was earth EVER a “heaven”?

I  would like to think so, but I do not know, it seems the memories that I  have may actually be from the future, and I have come back, it’s still  unclear. It appears there has been much war here and for a very long  time.


“Adjust your sails with the winds of change”

5. What exactly does that mean?

Be  open to possibility, as they are endless, like I said before – the more I  learn, the less I know. I am in awe of everything that I have  experienced thus far. We must be able to evolve with new information and  allow our very best selves to shine through. Like the old saying goes,  “Remember who you wanted to be,” before the ways of the world have  clogged our memories and our minds. we have the original blueprints,  which they seek to destroy. We are here for a purpose, we are here to  unite and have heaven on earth organically, not forced through religion.  Religion and war go hand in hand, that is the old barbaric system that  we must recognize and evolve from. No more suffering, it’s not  necessary, and it is what they feed off of, that and fear. Perhaps,  “this is why I was sent to you,” to use your own words.

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