Christians, please get off your knees!?

Religions are a trap, designed for control, compliance, domination and death! It’s a trap! Entire nations have been taken out for their blind following of many of these religions, and we must come together and untie to end this insanely awful game on mankind. Just look around and you can tell the leaders of nationsContinue reading “Christians, please get off your knees!?”

Truth Advocates to Support, Share and Uplift

Truth Advocates to Support, Share and Uplift TRUTH FRIENDLY MEDIA: Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth) is a nonprofit organization of architects, engineers, and affiliates dedicated to establishing the truth about the events of September 11, 2001. We pursue our mission by conducting research and educating the publicContinue reading “Truth Advocates to Support, Share and Uplift”

You can quote me on that

You can quote me on that. “It’s time to END the two party $#it show, voting WILL NOT get us out of this circus until we stop voting for the clowns.” ‘With a “Rise and kill first” mentality we will never know peace’ “End Zionism and Free Mankind!” “Anyone deeming themselves chosen over another hasContinue reading “You can quote me on that”

Virtual Portfolio

Hello friends! I’ve put together a virtual portfolio of some of my very best work. I hope this is helpful, insightful, and most of all inspiring and motivating. 911 Truth Advocacy Starter pack…/911-truth…/ Anti-Semitism Defense Package…/anti-semitism…/ 5 Positive Motivators to keep you going in tough times…/5-positive…/ Rules for Radicals Defeated…/rules-for…/ MaintainingContinue reading “Virtual Portfolio”

911 Truth Advocacy Starter pack

Are you Interested in learning more about the Truth behind 911? Would you like to become more involved, but unsure how to approach this daunting subject? Fear not! In just a few simple steps, learn how you can become an advocate for 911 Truth. START HERE:1. Familiarize yourself with the facts:The 60 exhibits of evidence:Continue reading “911 Truth Advocacy Starter pack”