Update: Working behind the scenes

Hello Community, and a big Thank you for your continued support! I wanted to give you all a quick update as to why I am not producing content at this time and let you know what I AM doing behind the scenes.

As most of you know, TAP, (Truth Action Project) is undergoing a HUGE transition, and I have been an integral part of it. We have many great things coming forward in the next few months, so we have been working furiously behind the scenes to make that happen. As soon as we launch the new website you will be seeing much fruit coming forward from my end, up to and including:

Getting people motivated and more involved on the solution based aspects of the movement, how you can get more involved by volunteering, or even just supporting our efforts by sharing on social media. We plan on having Zoom meetings that will be open to the public for those interested to be able to participate and learn more. This will be part of our “campfire sessions,” which will be a fun and interactive way for us all to get to know each other better, break down any barriers that may be standing in our way, and allow us all to bring our tools and unique skill sets to the table so we can start really making a difference in our communities.

We want to make ourselves available for helping in recruiting, mentoring, and training in the basics of how to be included in our movement. We provide a hub of vetted truth tellers that we stand by and support and hope you will too. If you know of a group or individual that should be featured by TAP, please reach out to us and let us know! If you are interested in setting up your own Truth Booth in your town or city, please also stay in close touch with us as we will surely help you get started and possibly connected to a network of individuals in your area that can help. We grow these networks through YOU, so please tell your friends to sign up for our emails and updates once they get rolling! The coming months ought to prove to be exciting as we get closer to launch and we look forward to hearing from you all!

As far as my personal work goes, reports, studies and Youtube videos, etc. they will be temporarily on hold as we are all working very hard and diligently toward our launch date goal. If you or anyone you know would like to become more involved in TAP, please reach out and lets introduce you to the team, after all, it is recruiting season and we are happy to receive new people with fresh skills. We are looking for volunteers in all aspects of running a successful truth movement and the more we grow, the more successful we will become. We look forward to your questions, comments and participation going forward so please don’t be shy, jump on in, the water is nice!

Take good care and see you real soon!

~ Xiola Rose Moon

Truth Action Project

Published by Rose Moon

Writer, Truth Advocate, Mentor, Coach, Keyboard Warrior

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